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Retirement Planning, Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Living Trust, Index Annuities, Medicare Supplements, Dental, Disability Insurance, Estate Planning, Employee Benefits.

JEFF KENNEDY of Kennedy Advisory Group, LLC, has been in the Financial Services Business s​ince 1971 and has helped thousands of clients over the years to Accumulate Wealth while at the same time save on Taxes. Jeff actually started in the Insurance Industry right out of "The University of Alabama" in 1971, after enlisting in the United States Army National Guard in which he served six years. Those days were fun and I remember you could buy a new Buick Electra 225 Limited for less than $3000 and build a house for $10 per square foot with all the trimmings. Gas was a quarter a gallon then too. Times have really changed and inflation has taken its toll on us all. It was rare to become a Millionaire back then too. Today it's not that big of a deal and many of us have achieved that goal easily. So I say to you, a Million bucks won't buy you that much income today. If you invest it at 5%, it will produce $50,000 per year, but it is perpetual, as long as you don't lose any of your principal. BUT INFLATION WILL ERODE YOUR BUYING POWER. That new Buick is now $30,000. Sure it's been 45 years, but you see from that example you must factor in inflation in your long term planning process to be sure you don't run out of money before you run of of life, and living to age 100 is a reality today thanks to modern medical technology. You really don't want to outlive your money! We all really have the same goals:


I show my clients how to ac​hieve these goals with NO RISK and NO Loss of Capitol. If this sounds like something you would like more information about, please give me a call at 205-222-2487 or email Jeff at [email protected]

As one approaches retirement, we all are faced with the decisions of Medicare, Social Security, 401(k), IRA and Pension Funds. What are all my choices, which one works best for my situation and who can I consult that knows the answers and can advise me on all the choices I face and can help me make intelligent decisions. Most of the choices you must make are irreversible, so you really want to get good advice and get it in advance. If you are even close to that point in your life, please give Jeff a call and ask for a personal meeting. Jeff works the old fashion way that he started off working 45 years ago. He will come to your house and sit down with you and your spouse, around the kitchen table and review your situation in detail. There is no charge for this consultation and he only ask that if you like his ideas and suggestions and he offers products and services that would work for you, that you do business with him and refer him to your friends and associates. Fair enough? If so, give Jeff a call @ 205-222-2487 for a no obligation consultation.

BUSINESS OWNERS- If employee benefits are eating up profits, then it might be time to do a complete review of your current benefits being offered to your employees. If you have less that 50 employees, there are many options available on Health Insurance. I have shown many employers how to save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, annually and the employees end up with the same or better benefits (including BC/BS). If you offer a retirement plan such as a 401(k) plan, I can usually save you money on annual admin fees , and also ways you as an owner, can max out contributions for yourself. I review all benefits offered and most of the time can shop those benefits for you, resulting in lower premiums and better benefits. No Consultation fees either. Give Jeff a chance to show you how he can save your company money and increase benefits, while improving employee loyalty.